2000 Hugel et Fils Jubilee Riesling

January 31 2010 - 3:17 PM

Hugel, an influential Alsatian wine producer, has a relatively easy to find "Gentil" wine, widely available at Binny's, Whole Foods, and several other select locations.  It's an excellent value for $10.99 at Binny's, and in years past it was an even better value, but the declining value of the dollar has taken its tool on European wines.

Finding its high-end Jubilee brand is another story.   There is not much demand for high-end Alsatian wine here in Chicago, and many retailers are reluctant to stock variety due to slow demand.  I finally stumbled upon a few bottles of the 2000 Riesling; the only other Jubilee I found was some Pinot Noir at the Binny's formerly known as Sam's.   

The wine had a straw color, which I found a bit surprising in comparison to other top-end Alsatian Rieslings.  Nonetheless, the nose and complexity of flavor made up for it.  There were flavors of peach, lemon, ginger, and pineapple with a bit of a clove finish (the bitterness at the end of the finish is pleasantly characteristically Alsatian) as well as a  hint of petrol (often found in aged whites).  Acidity wasn't as strong as characteristic, but the nose and clarity of flavors made up for it, and it was bone-dry, my preferred way of enjoying Alsatian wine.  I paired it at home with chicken breasts in ginger and orange-Teryaki sauce on brown rice and it went beautifully.

Last I looked was it was at Howard's Wine Cellar for the bargain basement price of $22.99, which I assume was purchased before the dollar crashed.   I plan on buying up the remainder unless Foodies readers beat me to it.