The Trader Joe's Triumvirate-Good Value, Great Taste, Low Calorie

December 04 2009 - 2:07 PM

Butter Almond Thins, Pumpkin Butter & Popped Potato Chips

For less than three-dollars, I picked up Trader Joe's Butter Almond Thins. First, they are a classy and sleek looking cookie. Who doesn't want a pretty table at the holidays? These cookies are great next to cheeses (or for the adventurous…as the outsides for a brie or soft chevre sandwich) or as part of a day-to-day nosh. Not to mention, they are also a superb choice to serve during your dessert course at family holiday dinner. The texture is crispy and satisfying and the flavor is a mixture of butter, almond slices, and a hint of caramel. The best part is that you can enjoy these and not feel guilty about eating cookies! Six cookies are 120 calories, four and a half grams of fat, two gram of protein and there are six servings in the box.

Pumpkin butter. Tis’ the season. Pumpkin butter is good with almost everything…maybe Fall isn't such a bad season :). I suggest that you mix a bit of the pumpkin butter with Greek yogurt for a savory and sweet breakfast or with cream cheese for a flavor frosting. Think about spice cake, yellow cake, or rum cake with a pumpkin cream cheese frosting. Delicious, easy, and beautiful-another trio! This is unfortunately a seasonal item and won’t be in stores for more than another week or two. Stock up! Pumpkin butter is also a great value at $2.29 a jar, 40 calories per tablespoon and 16 servings. Do you realize that’s 14 cents per serving? 

It's ok to consume an entire bag of potato chips? If they are the Trader Joe's Popped Potato Chips then, Yes! Get on with your satiated bag of chip eating self! The chips look like a marriage between a traditional potato chip and a thin rice cake. The taste, which is most important, is like that of a traditional chip. The Trader Joe's Popped Chip is crispy and satisfying to crunch. No need to worry about them being spongy, rubbery or soft, just because they look like a cousin to the rice cake. Again, an exceptional value $1.99 for a bag, 120 calories per serving, four grams of fat, and three servings per bag.
Trader Joe’s did not ask me to write about their products. I just think that they are always inventing new items that satisfy the palate and the wallet.