St. Teresa Food Pantry is Running Out of Food

December 06 2009 - 1:31 PM

 St Teresa of Avila is a food pantry at 1037 W. Armitage (between Kenmore and Seminary).  Relatively speaking it is a small food pantry.  The food pantry is supported by members of the parish, fund raisers, and a few “friends” in the neighborhood.  On the first and third Fridays of the month they serve a freshly cooked, hot sit-down dinner to about 120 people.  On the second, fourth and fifth Fridays (when there are 5 Fridays in a month) they distribute bags of groceries. This has grown from about 85 bags/week.  Last week we distributed 140 bags.  For them, this is a record that comes as no surprise with the growth and increased need at food pantries.

However this food pantry is empty.  They are down to $800 which is not enough for even one week’s groceries.  Here is how you can help, if you are so inclined.

Requests from St. Teresa of Avila:
We pack (and need) the following items in the bags:

Pasta sauce (26oz)
Canned fruit (15)
Peanut butter (18)
Macaroni and cheese
Canned soup (10)
Canned vegetables, spaghettios, chile
Individually wrapped TP
Bar soap

Other suggestions:

PICK UP A LITTLE EXTRA. The next time you are shopping pick up a few
extra items or a case of something.  Watch for sales. Pasta is often on
sale.  Del Monte canned vegetables are on sale this week at Jewel.
Leave them in your car and drop off when you are in the area.

CLEAN OUT YOUR PANTRY.  We have a table of odds and ends.  If you don’t want to/can’t buy anything, give away what you won’t use.

HAVE YOUR COMPANY, GROUP, BOOK CLUB, CHILD’S SCHOOL, etc. sponsor a food drive for St Teresa.
WRITE A CHECK. WE’LL SHOP FOR YOU.  If you prefer/it’s easier, write a check.  Payable to St. Teresa Food Pantry (so it only goes to the pantry).
DONATE TOILETRIES YOU PICK UP AT HOTELS that are probably just sitting in some drawer.
TALK TO YOUR GROCER ABOUT FOOD THAT IS GOING TO WASTE. e.g. baked goods and dairy, or even produce (we used to give out fresh fruit but no longer have the means).  At a certain point stores get rid of this stuff and may be throwing it away.  Starbuck’s in the area, for example, bags up the pastries they can no longer sell.  We freeze or refrigerate them.  Someone drops off cartons of milk that haven’t expired but will be soon.  We’ll pick the food up, if necessary.
Any and ALL donations are gladly and thankfully accepted, no matter how small they may seem.  Small donations add up.  And if now isn’t a good time, the need is ongoing.
Items can be dropped off at the church, 1037 W. Armitage.  There is a “bin” for the pantry in the back of the church. Saturday afternoons; Sunday; early morning (like 8) M-F.
OR drop off at parish center, 1930 N. Kenmore. M-F, 9-7:30; Sat. 9-12.
IF YOU NEED TO HAVE FOOD PICKED UP call or e-mail Dean Vaeth, 773-528-6650,
If you want to send a check, send to St. Teresa of Avila, 1037 W. Armitage, Chicago, 60614.  Be sure your check is made out to St Teresa Food Pantry.
Thank you for considering the food pantry in your giving—now or in the future.  This is one place where you can be assured that every $ goes to buy the food and feed the needy.