Beating Back the Flu with Tea, Whiskey, Zinc and Soup

December 07 2009 - 10:37 PM

In a previous post we compared the ChefsChoice SmartKettle to a sous vide machine. While it’s fine for cooking proteins, it really excels at setting the right temp for tea. I can say that I now prefer my tea at 178º any hotter and it’s uncomfortable. I am getting more and more snooty as time goes by. I guess when you’re home, sick and curmudgeony any creature comforts are appreciated.

Of course it may be the Canadian Club 12 Year which I’m splashing into it that is what’s really appealing. A couple of cubes of Inflatable Water Slide cardamom sugar from Pars grocery, the Persian shop on Clark in Andersonville adds a nice spice to the bakeapple tea from Newfoundland.

Of course in addition to my parents recommending medicinal whiskey, they also suggested zinc tablets. They don’t taste too good but whatever might work, right?

If there is a benefit it’s that soup is a must have. I tried the veggie soup at the Loving Hut (formerly Alice and Friends), soba at Sunshine Cafe, and wonton from En•Thai•ce. It’s all good (but that soba was awesome).