La Madia – Being Thin... Pizza

November 02 2009 - 10:48 PM

Thin crust gourmet pizza does have a place in Chicago. In fact, La Madia knows how to make such a thin creation flavorful, even for the stuffed pizza-lover at heart. Creativity in pizza offerings is to be applauded at La Madia. My favorites include the taleggio and 3-hour roasted grapes, the triple pepperoni with truffle oil, and the buffalo mozzarella with torn basil. The Taleggio and roasted grape pizza sounds like an odd combination, admittedly, but as a foodie sometimes the more unique the concept, the more intriguing.  It’s worth ordering just to fulfill that intrigue. Likely, you will order it again because the soft creamy taleggio cheese mixed with the sweet grapes on a firm crust is unexpected, and quite enjoyable.

Pairing it with a nice white wine, even sparkling, is a perfect addition to your dining experience. The last two times I’ve been to La Madia, I ordered up pizza and a salad. The triple pepperoni with truffle oil is the best pepperoni pizza I have ever eaten. Yes, it’s a big statement. That’s why I ordered it again before writing this piece. Confirmed… the best pepperoni pizza I have ever consumed! While all the rage, sometimes truffle oil is overused on restaurant menus. It should be a compliment to a dish, a great accent piece, but not the main event. Lucky for your palate, La Madia knows how to use it! The truffle oil adds an additional woodsy flavor to the pizza, but is most helpful in bringing out the full flavor of the smoky pepperoni. Simply delicious! Finally, the buffalo mozzarella pizza is a Caprese pizza done well. The mozzarella mixed with the torn basil and tomato sauce is a rich-tasting choice for a vegetarian, albeit not vegan, menu option.

My favorite times at La Madia are with a group of friends, sharing pizzas, pastas, salads, and a bottle of wine. Their wine of the week is also a nice way to drink on a budget. At $5 a glass, Monday thru Friday, you can enjoy their suggested red or white of the week. I do recommend La Madia as a solid date location, as well. In fact, a great first dinner date for professionals in the loop who want to dine directly after work. It is a convenient location with a variety of menu combinations.  La Madia is not the type of place where she will say “Yuck, he took me for pizza”. Rather she will say, “He took me to this fabulous contemporary pizzeria where the food and company were so good it made me forget about the rest of my day”.  The modern décor is hip without being pretentious. La Madia offers a host of cooking classes and food and wine dinners with themes. New Yorkers and Chicagoans would proudly enjoy the thin pizzas at La Madia and then check out their classes or events for next time. 

La Madia
59 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60654-4801
(312) 329-0400