Goodbye Gourmet: 1940-2009

October 05 2009 - 11:43 AM

GourmetMagazineFebruary1974 So Conde Nast is closing Gourmet Magazine. Lumped in a multiple-title downsizing alongside Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and Cookie is an “out with a whimper” way to go for a title that has been a stalwart ‘brand’ in food media.

Why would a a company flense off a blue-chip like Gourmet, a title that’s been around since 1940? Well, after 3 months of study a consulting company (McKinsey) told them to lose 25%. This isn’t to say that it’s was an easy decision to make but with the economic downturn paired with the ebbing of print readership you inflatable water slide could see that something had to be done. And when you consider that Conde also owns the other big food-mag Bon Appétit I could understand the need for some kind of choice. It also stands to reason that they wouldn’t sell it, preferring to not have the competition of an historically significant magazine on shelf.

If there’s an upside now you can read backwards. Start out with 1940 and read a ‘new’ issue a month. It’s like syndication for your favorite magazines. What do they say? “if it’s new to you…”