Blue Marble Family Farm: What Milk Really Should Taste Like

August 10 2009 - 4:03 PM

I just barely remember the time when you could still buy milk in glass bottles, and I also remembered the milkman (something I didn't see until I spent time in England a few years back.)   I barely remember a "Milk Depot", where people used to drop off their used milk bottles and pick up dairy products.   People older than me talked about when there was cream on top of whole milk.  

Throughout the years cartons and plastic jugs of mass-produced milk became the only option, and it really wasn't until recently when there were high quality options.   Horizon and Wisconsin's Organic Valley make decent milk that taste better than the standard mass-produced varieties out there.    And of course the varieties of cheese has increased exponentially from the standard options of Cheddar, Colby, Monterrey Jack, Brick, and, dare we say, American.   But there were few options of high quality milk.

This changed when I went to the Green City Market roughly a year or so ago and sampled some Blue Marble Family Farm milk.  Its grass-fed, BGH-free milk had a grassiness reflecting the diet of the cows, and dare we say, terroir?

Blue Marble has a fairly extensive line of milk products, including a lovely rich sweet cream that I use for ice cream, a decadent buttermilk that caused me to place a knife isnde the bottle, and a refreshing rasberry yogurt smoothie.    Skim milk is also part of their product line, for those who prefer to watch their calories and fat content.  The family farm, founded in 1972 is from Barneveld, Wisconsin with, according to their web site, a herd of 75 cows on 450 acres. 

They set up their stand every Wednesday and Saturday at Green City Market in Lincoln Park (by Clark and Menominee)  Their products are also sold at Green Grocer (1402 W. Grand) as well as A and L Grocer (2154 W. Addison).