Movie Popcorn: Salt, Fake-Butter, MMMMMmmmmmm.

July 21 2009 - 9:09 AM

Kidspack When I go to the movies I love the popcorn. Who doesn't? I am all to happy to get mine with 'butter' and salt and then add a coke. I barely need to rationalize all the sodium and cholesterol (coconut oil!)… Not to mention the cost, the kernels stuck in my teeth, the greasy mess, etc.

So instead of the $14 XLarge combo with the 1.5 liter soda I opt for the 'Kids Pack'. It's not so much the cost savings, coming in between $4.75 and $5.50, but the portion control. As an admitted popcorn junkie it's still more than enough corn. I honestly find myself getting tired of it about 1/2 way through the standard small bag. Not to mention you get candy!

Just how bad is theatre popcorn? Read on…

Here are the stats from Anderson University

(Popped in coconut oil) Calories Total Fat Saturated Fat
Kid’s (5 cups) 300 20 14
With Butter 470 37 22
Small (7 cups) 400 27 19
With Butter 630 50 29
Medium (11 cups) 650 43 31
With Butter 910 71 41
Medium (16 cups) 900 60 43
With Butter 1220 97 56
Large (20 cups) 1160 77 55
With Butter 1640 126 73

What's relevant here is the topline… The Kid's portion. It's actually sometimes smaller than the 5-Cup Kid's Popcorn… likewise the soda runs from 8oz to 12oz.
Bear in mind this could easily be a 'recession deal' type article but it's more of an anti-gluttony flavor. Pun-intended.