Burger King – "Global Warming is Baloney"

June 08 2009 - 10:54 AM

BurgerkingglobalwarmingWhat you'd think is a Photoshop gag actually is not. Across the states of Mississippi and Tennessee you'll be seeing this.
(image from the Memphis Flyer)

Now it's likely just the franchise owner's (Mirabile Investment Corporation) sentiment but how many people can split those hairs.

At least it isn't the typical vulgar character omission from their "Angus Burger" sign. But I digress.

While BK might try to divorce themselves from this lousy PR situation, they also seem to have divorced themselves from Global Warming as well.

Climatecounts.org gives them a big ZERO on their scorecard. To see what that means look at the link.

I have always like Burger King because they have tried new things. Maybe it's that they're forced to take more risks to try to match McDonald's but their Veggie Burger was a great menu item and way back they were ahead of the game when they switched their fry oil to all-vegetarian.

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that while they haven't publicized their efforts to win over every .org on the net, they do have methane emissions and Global Warming on their radar. But then again, I'll be paying closer attention now.