A Sustainable Meat Source – 'Vampire' – Fried Blood

June 02 2009 - 11:14 AM

BBC News has an article up about a dish that's getting popular, or repopularized, in Chad.  It's called Vampire and is fried blood. It's nothing new however. The Congo Cookbook has a recipe and a quote from Papa.  Ernest Hemingway mentions it in his African travelogue,  The Green Hills of Africa:

I had heard and read that the Masai subsisted only on the blood of
their cattle mixed with milk, drawing the blood off from a wound in a
vein of the neck made by shooting an arrow at close range. 

The BBC article corroborates this method of getting the blood. Unfortunately the title and slant of the article sensationalizes it by playing the vampire angle too much.

Granted it's what Chadians call the dish but in reality, it's a very traditional way to subsist off of a herd animal.  From the BBC article

"It's actually an excellent source of nutrients, especially
for children," said Robert Johnston, a nutritional specialist for
Unicef in Chad.

"Blood pudding and liver have been used in
other countries to promote high-protein intake for families who don't
have daily access to meat."

 Imagine a sustainable meat product. That's what the headline should be.