Wally & Agador's Gourmet Cafe & Take Away

May 18 2009 - 8:00 PM

East Lakeview has plenty of places to grab a hot dog, a submarine sandwich, or a hamburger, but what it lacks is a truly good sandwich place.  Wally & Agador's is a place that seems to fit the void.  Newly opened on Halsted just north of Belmont, it offers such creations as a lobster and scallop sausage sandwich with tarragton mayo and Old Bay, as well as a duck pate sandwich  with chicken liver mousse and brie.    

I tried what they call "Rosie's Mambo Italiano", a combination of prosciutto, taleggio cheese, grilled scallions, roasted red peppers, and basil on a rosemary flatbread.   It was a truly outstanding (and filling) culinary delight.  They offer a choice of delicious homemade potato chips (although somewhat fishy tasting, not sure if this was the intent) or a side salad with a choice of such dressings as champagne-herb vintagrette or roquefort with cognac and black pepper.

My wife had the "Just Jack", which was  turkey with tomato, butter lettuce, and Monterry Jack cheese on brioche bread, also very good, though I did prefer the Mambo Italian. 

This place fulfills a much needed gap in good lunch food that the neighborhood needs.  I find the celebrity names for the sandwiches, such as "The Elton John" and "The Judy Garland", a bit over the top, but nonetheless a better way to get customers to relay what they want to order in light of some complex combinations.   Hopefully there will be enough of a market to sustain this:  sandwich prices are a bit high between $8 and $12, but I found them worth the extra cost.   In the meantime I'll be happy to get the word out.

Wally & Agadors

3310 N Halsted Street