Eating Greek in Evanston

April 28 2009 - 5:29 AM

I’d never think to eat Greek in Evanston but I’ve been to two places so far that have proven you don’t have to go to Greektown to get good Greek food.

The first place I was taken to was Cross-Rhodes Restaurant, which has been an Evanston staple for years.  Gyros are the thing to get here.  My dining partner (who had been coming here since she was a kid) impressed me with the vegetarian salad that she easily made non-vegetarian by topping it with Gyro meat.  The salad came piled high with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, oil and vinegar dressing, Greek fries, Tsatziki sauce, Feta cheese and the added Gyros slices.  I had never seen Greek fries before on a menu so we decided to get an additional side order.  They were steak cut fries topped with a lemon-herb dressing bouncy castle for sale that despite the dressing were very crispy.  A great twist on the common fry.

The second place on the list was a newcomer to Evanston, the Old Neighborhood Grill.  It doesn’t look Greek from the outside or the inside for that matter but the family owned grill serves homemade Greek specialties along with an assortment of American grill favorites like burgers and dogs.  The owner recommended his mom’s special recipe for Spanakopita and it did not disappoint.  The pie was rich but not greasy and came with some lemony Geek potato wedges, rice, onions, tomatoes, Tzatziki and pita.  My dining partner had the fried cod that was served in long strips with Skordalia, another new one for me.  These garlicky mashed potatoes with olive oil can also be ordered as an appetizer spread.

Both places are just under ten dollars for dinner and are great options for some casual Greek food in Evanston.

Cross-Rhodes Restaurant
913 Chicago Ave., Evanston
847-475 4475

Old Neighborhood Grill
2902 Central St., Evanston