Langostino at Trader Joe's

March 30 2009 - 4:53 AM


TJ’s is a good place to occasionally find a real neat item. I’ve been very interested in Langostino for quite a while. It’s been mentioned in comments here that Joe’s has bagged langos. I’ve tried it a few times since they started carrying it and unfortunately haven’t been a big fan. It seems like it retains water resulting in very dense bites. The texture is also not as good as any of the other times I’ve tried it. It’s more mealy here than I care for it to be. That isn’t to say you can quickly toss it in butter and enjoy but it doesn’t live up to all the hype I’ve been lavishing on the item. It isn’t representational of the potential of Langostino. It is niceĀ bouncy castle for sale that they have it. The mixed shellfish bag is in my mind better for a quick fun dinner.

Not to add to the nomenclature confusion with this shellfish but I snapped this at Harrod’s in London. The “Dublin Bay Prawn” pictured here are simply wonderful. The “Crayfish” card was describing the batch of monster crayfish just behind them. The langos are pink when raw.