Radio Free Bobby Flay – Just What We Were Missing!

January 08 2009 - 11:59 AM

I know he's doing it for the money, god knows we all have to eat but isn't is a shame that he's not cooking? Isn't that where his talent is? Isn't that where a chef's passion is? Bourdain I get. His shows are great because he's genuinely interested, at least he's fooled me, and he's up for anything. He may be a sports fan too but I could care less about his opinions there. Some folks may consider Flay to be a snappy dresser but I really don't want dressing or dating advice from that married man.

Buy really, I digress, can you have too much Flay? Bobby "Iron Chef" Flay debuts his own talk radio show that while focuses on food covers dating, dining, sports, etc. It's a call in show on SIRIUS XM so who knows… His wife, actress Stephanie March, will occasionally co-host. Maybe he can run for Vice President in 4 years.