Obama's Best Quote from "Check Please" Episode...?

January 07 2009 - 2:16 PM

There are plenty of links to Obama's "Check Please" interview but they are mostly to a minute-and-a-half  clip talking about the Dixie Kitchen's food. It ends just before Obama makes a great point about the South-Side's alienation in the Chicago restaurant hype-fest that's been the last few years.

This site is equally guilty in under-covering huge areas of Chicago's South and West sides. If there are diners out there who have recommendations– list them! I could truck on down and go to Izola's but they are one of the few establishments that get their share of press.

Obama's quote:

"It also goes to show how I think a lot of neighborhoods, Hyde Park and the surrounding area, are communities that are starved for restaurants, retailers… so much of stuff that concentrates downtown in the loop and… Particularly in the south side we don't have the same number of options that some of the Northside neighborhoods do, like Lincoln Park or Bucktown."