A Loss of Appetite

January 18 2009 - 12:27 PM

It's happens. You lose your appetite and it's an odd feeling. I had some food poisoning this past week and have yet to really get my appetite back. Of course I get preoccupied with it and it makes me think about how integral the appetite is to the sense of taste.

The other senses don't have a similar cue. Maybe the semi-conscious urge to bust bubble wrap bubbles? That might be close for touch. I guess some people really like fireworks or the orchestra… but it's not the same thing. We need the meals we eat as much as we want them and that sums up the overpowering nature of the appetite.

I guess it's comparing our ability to navigate our way down the stairs versus watching a 3D movie. One is pleasure the other is necessity. It's makes me think how we describe our different sensory experiences whether it's a softball that whizzed past my head or a really beautiful sunset I have a fairly different reaction and experience to both events. Audio too could be the experience of a good song on the radio or a ding letting me know the roast is done.

One's a cue and one's enjoyment. I guess that would correlate to appetite being the cue and taste being the enjoyment. But taste can be a cue too. The berry is sweet- I can eat it. Maybe in the very near future we will see foods that have a new series of taste-cues. They'd have to be different from the smoky sweetness of BBQ or the sharp tang of lime and cilantro in a ceviche.  I guess if I'm feeling a little hungry again, that must be my cue.