2004 Jacques Girardin Bourgogne Blanc

January 03 2009 - 5:27 PM

What we call Chardonnay the French call Bourgogne Blanc.  Same grape, but of course tradition in many European regions dictates that wine is by region not varietal.   Bourgogne simply means White Burgundy, and the region is more famous for its red burgundies, otherwise known as Pinot Noir.   Of course its the terroir that separates over oaked, over extracted, and overly “hot” (too much alcohol) wines.

White and red Burgundies both tend to scare me off, especially the reds, due to their high prices, and thus I tend to sparingly drink them.  I have a few in my cellar waiting for bouncy castle the right time to consume them, and even white Burgundies need a few years to age before being presentable, as they tend to be very tight and acidic at first.

The 2004 Jacques Girardin is an excellent value for a region known for extremely pricey wines.  It is an “Appellation Bourgogne Controlee”, meaning that it is awhite burgundy picked from grapes around Burgundy and not grown in a specific appelation.  Before I served it I decanted it, which seemed to open it up a bit, but it presented extremely well, with notes of hazelnut, mushrooms, and a hint ofvanilla.

I bought it a while back so I’m not sure if House of Glunz still carries the ’04, but I believe this is a great wine that proves the French make much better chardonnay than the largely-disappointing California stuff.