The Vinturi: Lets Your Wine Hyperventilate

December 04 2008 - 12:01 AM

When we were in California this past year we got to play with a cool gadget that mixes air into wine in a crazy vortex-style fashion. I didn’t look too closely at it but commented about the “neato” factor. Needless to say I was surprised with one for my birthday.

Trying it out with a Barolo proved to be a great demo. Simply pouring straight into one glass and Vinturing the other provided a great gonfiabili comparison. The ventilated wine was well rounded and more complex than the other. It was just like decanting. It’s supposed to work well with whites, reds… I wonder what it would do to a bubbly.

Aeration is the point of the device and it certainly works.

It’s available at most retailers… Crate and Barrel and Binny’s both come to mind and it costs between $35-$45.