Real Tenochtitlan Restaurante: Dining, Catering, Classes and more

December 03 2008 - 12:09 AM

Here’s a reader submission from Paula:

I recently had the pleasure of dining with friends at Real Tenochtitlan Restaurante, located at 2451 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago, IL.  Jorge Piana is the President of this restaurant which does catering, consulting and provides cooking classes.

This restaurant was a real find!  I had duck in mole sauce with garlic mashed potatoes served in a colored taco shell.  It was absolutely perfect!  The mole sauce was smooth, sweet, and chocolaty and the duck melted in your mouth!  The service was impeccable and the waiter described the dishes perfectly and was very accommodating with substitutions.  The duck with mole sauce actually came with rice, but we asked if we could substitute mashed potatoes, and he said, of course.

Friends ordered scallops in a mango sauce bouncy castle for sale served on a rectangle plate with each succulent scallop displayed.  The presentation was beautiful on elegant china and silver plated dinnerware with copper handles. The décor was sophisticated Mexican with lots of Mexican Aztec masks lining the walls.  Guests can bring their own wine to the restaurant, or they can order wine from the wine list.

The dessert I ordered was a chocolate lover’s heaven.  It was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge sauce and decorated with a mint leaf and more chocolate sauce drizzled on the beautiful dessert plate.

I highly recommend this Mexican restaurant!  The food was heads above any other Mexican restaurant at which I’ve eaten including Las Palmas and Tamales – almost as good as the fine Mexican restaurants I frequent on my yearly visits to Puerto Vallarta!  Treat yourself to real gourmet Mexican food at Real Tenochtitlan!