Burr Grinders and French Press

December 31 2008 - 10:45 AM

I’ve been using a Braun burr grinder for a couple of years. I bought it for a dollar at a church rummage sale and have always wondered why the course grind never was uniform. There were always large chips and a clumpy powder mixed in which led to grit in the mug, see the pic.

One upside to the french press is the crema you’d get was really nice and espresso-like.  The flavor is also great and mellow but the fine powder seeps through the mesh in the plunger. I prefer the press, small pots are quick and the machine’s easier to clean than a drip.

Since I really only drink french press coffee, I figured it was time to get a better grinder.

P1000325 Enter the Cuisinart inflatable water slide grinder. My in-laws have one and it always seemed to work well. I set the grind for coarse and let it rip. While it gave me a consistent maximum size grind it still blew out this powder. See the other pic. Which resulted in the rings in the first pic. My solution is to sift the grounds in a strainer but it’s a crap solution as it takes time, dirties another thing in the kitchen, and I lose coffee that way.

Sorry to say but the home solution is the strainer… saving the fine grind for pots of drip. I have an idea that would solve this for the manufacturer but it wouldn’t work at home. Maybe they’ll call me. Until then I’ll either be drinking grime or sifting grounds.