Apart Pizza

December 12 2008 - 6:25 PM

After a night of holiday drinking we came home to find nothing in the fridge and a hankering for pizza.  Knowing that our favorite deep dish from Guillivers in Rogers Park would take much longer than our hunger could stand we decided to go in the opposite direction (both in location and pizza style) and order traditional Italian style pizza from Apart Pizza in Andersonville.  Since we had never ordered from there the guy on the phone was very helpful in making recommendations as they have 24 different varieties on the menu to choose from.

At $6.50 each for a 10 inch we were able to order 2 different pies.  The Capriciosa with ham, mushroom and artichoke and the Capra-Ruccola with goat cheese and inflatable water park arugula.  They had 8 different salad options on the menu that we didn’t end up trying that night.  The menu also clearly marked vegetarian and vegan options.  The pizzas arrived quickly with 2 free cokes.  The goat cheese and arugula was a good combination with a light, sweet tomato sauce.  The ham, mushroom and artichoke also proved to be a good combination of sweet and salty with fresh ingredients.

The only issue was that the pizza bottoms were rather soggy.  The thin crust just didn’t hold up in delivery.  What could have been a disappointing disaster was easily remedied by popping the pies in the oven for 5 minutes on the bottom rack at 350 degrees.  Although the crust issue was a little concerning I would easily be willing to order form Apart again.  The Neapolitan style thin crust and fresh, gourmet ingredients make it a nice change of pace from Chicago style deep dish.

Apart Pizza
5624 N. Broadway
2205 W. Montrose