Economic Woe for Lobstermen... $6.95/lb Lobster

November 17 2008 - 4:24 PM

A telltale sign of economic slowdown is the reduction in the price of lobsters… People aren’t eating out as much and when they do they’re not spending as much as they did a few months ago. A quick conversation with Chef Patrick Sheerin from the Signature Room confirmed that the past few weeks have seen a marked decline in patrons, though expectations for the remaining chunk of the holiday¬†bouncy castle for sale season should be a buoy of sorts. (had to throw that nautical reference).

Ordered live from Pine Point Fisherman’s Co-op in Maine at you’ll be dropping $6.95 for a one pound lobster, $13.50 for a 1.5 pounder ($9/lb) and $25.00 for a jumbo 2lb lobster. What better way to save the economy than to support the co-op. You don’t have to order live either… they do par-cooked.
I just think of Annie Hall…