Drink of the Week: Miller Genuine Draft 64 – Here's the Secret

November 26 2008 - 8:09 PM

So I bought a 12-pack of MGD 64. It wasn’t hard to rationalize… 64 calories? Sure! I like the TV spot that shows a full glass of 64 vs. a 1/3rd of a glass of the regular beer. But to continue with an accurate representation would be to finish filling that glass with seltzer. Now alcohol isn’t the reason we drink beer. To some it might even be an annoying by-product. So in those instances this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

But for everyone else it’s a light beer that has no finish at all and a lousy 2.8% of alcohol to boot. Say you’re at a bar and want to at least get a buzz going. It will structure gonflable cost you far more to get loaded on 64 than a regular light. So in those instances what do you do?

Based strictly on calories you could have a glass of Michelob Ultra and
enjoy a beer with only 95 calories that packs 4.1% of alcohol… Or you
could indulge in a Molson Golden with 6% at 170 calories… Or if you
want to make a statement you could get a Olde English 800 Ice with 7.9%
at 216 calories. Or make a similar statement with the less-poundable
Sam Adams Triple Bock which packs 17.5% in only 340 calories. You’ll
spend less time in the bar bathroom too.

An honest choice would be Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol with 2.5% but
only 67 calories… but is that honest, or just poor marketing? Miller
64 – 64 calories and 2.8%