Chicago Election Parties

November 04 2008 - 8:43 AM

First off, apparently Starbucks if giving away tall cups of coffee. They got into some trouble by offering it only to voters so now it’s fair game for everyone.

Now bear in mind they are basically closing down the city this evening. Some are planning for a million people.  That should be something to see.

Tonight you can choose a party and watch the election.  Save your voting receipts they’ll get you specials or discounts… Make sure they have a TV, good specials and are close to Grant Park… here are some options.

If you want to watch the results inflatable water slide like Barack you will be in your hotel room. McCain will be watching from home. Since I will not be doing any public speaking this evening, I will be at a bar.

What better time than this to try a new drink… Ask for an O’bama. Most bars will know it. If you’re looking for other themed cocktail the Hard Rock Hotel , 230 N. Michigan, obliges with the “Pit-bull in Lipstick, Ciroc-Obama and the Maverick. I can crack wise that the Pit-bull is Rumplemintz and Russian vodka, Ciroc is really a latte and the Maverick uses mylanta as a mixer. But I digress.

If you’re a Republican you can find comfort at English 444 N. LaSalle. While Metromix referenced it it had no specials. Further digging at Chicago Republican Party’s website found no mention of the event at all.

Drink with progressives and lament another missed opportunity for Dennis at the Chicago Ale House 2200 W. Lawerence, at their “Drinking Liberally” event.

High Dive, 1938 W. Chicago, has $3 “Change brews”

The Paramount Room, 415 N. Milwaukee, gives you a 20% discount with your voting receipt.

The State Bar, 935 W. Webster, is hosting a benefit for the Off the Street Club $30 gets you free drinks from 7-9pm and a raffle – and it’s a good charity.

Sushi Samba, 504 N. Wells,  has some good food specials at the bar between $2-$4.

Common and others will be at the Hard Rock Cafe, 63 W. Ontario, $20 or free before 8pm with voting receipt.

Maybe the best option is bowling while their polling… (sorry). Seven Ten Lounge, 2747 N. Lincoln, is also offering $4 well and Sam Adams, Literally, they will have 8 screens over the lanes tuned in to the results.