Trader Joe Gem Wines: Trellis Chardonnay

October 15 2008 - 6:59 AM

This is the first of what might be many mentions of quality wines under $7 at Trader Joe’s. Three buck chuck is good for a simple Sauvignon Blanc but I’m not a big fan of their Chardonnay. To be honest I have only been a recent convert after a great trip through Napa and Sonoma. Odd that¬†giochi gonfiabili I’ve had the best luck with cheap Chardonnays at TJ’s.

Trellis is a terrific wine especially uner $10. At $5 it’s a great case to snag and crack a bottle any time “all of the madness has got you goin crazy.” It has a very light oaky cream with a good balance of fruit. If you’re a diehard steel cask Chardonnay drinker you might want to give the oak barrel stuff another chance. It seems that the use of Oak has balanced a bit.

Jesus, William H. Macy was in Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.