Frozen Fish Sucks

September 12 2008 - 3:28 PM

It’s been an ongoing debate wtih the father-in-law. He says all fish is frozen and I say while all shellfish might be frozen, fish generally isn’t. Now I know there are new fishing boats that catch, clean, vac-seal and freeze while at sea but up until recently I didn’t think they froze fish. I thought they only kept them in ice. Why else does frozen fish taste so bad?

Dominick’s has frozen tuna steaks that are inflatable water slide vac sealed and they come recommended. One night I was cooking for myself so I took a chance and got a large steak for $4. Come on… that’s cheap. I pan seared it rare and it was very good. I was surprised. So when I went back for round two, making dinner for me and my wife,  I ended up with 2 very fishy steaks that I couldn’t eat. It didn’t help that I overcooked them to a medium but the taste was so distinct I reversed my opnion again on frozen fish… Don’t Do Ii!

It really required a google adventure in to how they catch store pack and ship fish. Here’s what I found.