September 15 2008 - 7:13 AM

The plan was to have dinner at our favorite pizza place, Spacca Napoli, but once we found out it was closed from Labor Day to September 16th, we quickly came up with a contingency plan. The emerging (actually, full-fledged) green/organic trend had introduced Crust to Chicago via Wicker Park, and we were eager to justify the amount of carb intake with “but we’re eating well”!

Crust’s slogan “Eat Real” boasts their status as the “Midwest’s First Certified Organic Restaurant,” with most ingredients promised as organic. The ones that aren’t, are noted dutifully at the bottom of the menu. The restaurant uses bright welcoming colors with red chairs, and even a tented patio for rainy days like the one we experienced.

It would have been a thoughtful gesture had the hostess not insist
we sit by the edge of the tent, where sideways-rain would have defeated
the purpose. For such a “pure” and “organic” restaurant, the service
was mediocre, including our waiter who read the day’s specials with the same
monotonous expression castillo hinchable as revealing that there was no more ice-cream
left for our chocolate cake a la mode.

Crust had a few whimsical items on their menu (Carbonara flatbread,
anyone?), and of course, I was immediately drawn to the Bacon &
Potato pizza. Admittedly, I was curious to see what “fingerling
potatoes” were and it is always hard for me to turn down anything
“bacon” or “sausage”. We also ordered the Veggie flatbread special, and
the Shroom. My friends had raised an eyebrow when I requested the Bacon
& Potato order, but by the end of the night, we were pleasantly
surprised at the combination of the ingredients. Essentially, it was
like a potato skin flatbread! Who can go wrong with potato skins? It
was hands-down all of our favorite! Although I usually avoid any
vegetarian dish, the Veggie flatbread used the perfect ingredients to
add flavor and sweetness. The summer squash was a stand-out player.

I can’t quite comment on the Shroom flatbread, as it involved my two
least favorite ingredients (mushrooms and goat cheese) but the rest of
the party seemed copacetic with the dish. That would be our overall
reaction: satisfaction and curiosity. Definitely enough to make a
second trip back. Hopefully, next time we’ll get a waiter who can crack
a smile or better yet, ice-cream with our dessert.

2056 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60622