Afford to Eat Right

September 29 2008 - 9:20 AM

There’s an interesting article in Esquire by way of Andrew Sullivan’s blog. It’s all about the increasing costs in food: Cost of meat rising, feed costs rising 400%, rice costs booming, butter, etc.

At Momofuku, we’ve made a name for ourselves selling lots of pig and
not accommodating vegetarians… But don’t get me wrong: My restaurants still
won’t kowtow to vegetarians. We will, however, focus more on vegetable
and grain dishes in which meat adds flavor, not heft.

I found that to be the interesting paragraph. Everyone has a story about some freakin’ awesome green beans or spinach or a salad. Usually due to a 1.2 a teaspoon of duck fat or a few bits of bacon or some other meat product. The irony is that we know we shouldn’t eat meals made mostly of meat every night and now our process of production is breaking down to force us to eat right. Nature is mysterious and I guess it can be man-made of metal and plastic bags.