Ian's Pizza By the Slice

August 15 2008 - 12:07 PM

Ian’s Pizza By the Slice has found an appropriate home in the middle of often loud and bustling Wrigleyville. With eyebrow-raising menu items such as the Mac n’ Cheese pizza or the Lasagna Marinara pizza, Ian’s has managed to keep the attention span of the Millenials frequenting the joint.

Being a fan of pizza and just good ole Mac n’ Cheese, it definitely
caught this Millenial’s attention! It was only a matter of time that
someone combined this goodness together, so I immediately went in to
see what the hype was about. It was hard not to get distracted the
minute you approached the pizzas, wondering why the next one over had
pieces of fries intermingled with cheese (that would be the BBQ Steak
& Fries for you). But I structure gonflable went in for my Mac n’ Cheese pizza, and I
got my Mac n’ Cheese pizza.

The problem was that what I really got was macaroni + cheese
+ pizza. Instead of mixing the macaroni and cheese prior to slathering
on the pizza slice (as Mac n’ Cheese is intended to be),  Ian’s merely
melted cheese with cooked pasta on top of pizza dough and baked it as a
whole. As a result, the pizza overall was deliciously cheesy but also
regrettably bland. The pizza crust in itself was baked well to a crisp
and doughy consistency, and I found myself savoring the crust over the
“mac and cheese”.

I give Ian’s props for their originality and will most likely return
some time to try their Philly Cheese Steak pizza. After all, being part
of Gen Y with an incredibly short attention span, Ian’s has
successfully piqued and kept my interest for many slices to come.

Ian’s Pizza by the Slice
3463 N Clark St
(773) 525-4580