en•Thai•ce – Ya get it?

August 12 2008 - 12:32 PM

I’ve driven past en•Thai•ce several times and shaken my head. It always reminded me of a hair salon’s attempt to be funny. In any case months later I ended up getting delivery and it was terrific.  

I’ve been paying a premium for Thai delivery from Thai Pastry. With
their delivery charge and entree prices it’s always left me a bit
regretful but what can you do. I enjoyed it, it was consistent and I
didn’t have to think bouncy castle about it… all things that really make delivery
convenient. When I saw that each item was a buck or two less I figured
it would just be okay. It was better than okay.

We splurged with Tom Yum soup chicken, Panang curry, and a spicy Pad
sie ew. It was all very good. When you’re getting delivery there’s a
lack of “fresh from the kitchen” but it worked out very well. Dishes
come with rice -instead of paying extra and portions were nice. I
thought I had a new place but the last time I tried to order they were
swamped. I had a hard time getting through and when I did they said it
would take an hour or an hour and a half. Yikes! I ended up trying
Grande, another cheaper Thai option and it was easily on par. Call them
and if they’re not swamped it’s a great option fot cheap Thai on the
far north side.

5701 N Clark Street
(773) 275-3555