Bratwurst Over Yonder

August 08 2008 - 11:25 AM

BratThis is reprinted with minor changes from October 15th 2006 so if it seems familiar thanks for the continued reading! As Pre-WSeason starts this weekend I figured it would be relevant especially since brats are brats)

So the Bears are down and the Pack is up but w/o Brett.  The rivalry’s still so far out of balance that a Ditka jersey north of the border isn’t even offensive. So there’s no better time to take a quick hour drive to stock up on meats for the rest of the season.

And what more could you ask to go with a fall/wintry football game than a Brat. It legitimizes canned beer. It’s one of the only ways to get some guys to eat cabbage. Where could you get this tasty treat? Surely not at your local grocery store…

I suppose. But in this case it’s worth a trek to get something really good. It’s the only tough part of the process.

Cooking a brat is pretty easy. The more simplistic you can be the better your brats.

Canned beer is a wonderful thing. Old Style was on sale so it fit the bill but High Life, Miller Light, Leinies… any Wisconsin beer would be more appropriate.  Slice up some onions, any kind, and add them to the boiling beer (Beer and sme water is okay if you’re running low on beer. Just don’t go less than half and half unless you’ve already put away the rest of the beer–make do with whatever you have). If you’re a saurkraut fan cook some up in a different pot. You could use the same but I like to separate the onion and the kraut and prefer the beer/onion combo.

I got several plain old brats and a few jalapeno spicy brats. I broke out several mustards and found that for the jalapenos plain yellow worked the best. For the traditional brats I really enjoyed French’s (I believe it was French’s) sweet onion mustard. It went real good with the sauteed onions.

I like to toss the onions/brats over high heat to get some browning
action as well. If you’re lucky to have grill action over the winter
use that… The only advantage to a pan is that you can add the onions.
Top with kraut and mustard and enjoy with bun or without. My pic is
real weak on topping but I was running low by the time I got the camera

FYI – the wife liked the jalapeno brats the best.

Go Packers.