The Little India Restaurant

July 11 2008 - 4:41 PM

I first heard of The Little India Restaurant on Bryn Mawr at the Edgewater Dinner Crawl.  After sampling their samosas at the event I decided to head back to the restaurant to try more but unfortunately, was not as impressed the second time around.

The menu has a nice mix of northern and southern style dishes and
the prices are very reasonable.  The service is fast and friendly but
the decor is severely lacking.  Vegetable Samosas came to our table hot
but the dough was not fully cooked inside.  The
Rogan Josh had a giochi gonfiabili good sauce that was spiced well but the lamb was
extremely tough and chewy.  The Chicken Vindaloo also had problems.
The sauce was “blow your socks off” spicy, which my dining partner
greatly enjoyed, but the chicken was dry and tough as well.

With Devon Avenue being so close I’m not sure how The Little India
Restaurant will compete with the variety and authenticity of the
restaurants on that street.  However, Edgewater and Andersonville
locals will be pleased with the prices and the fact that they deliver,
where the restaurants on Devon do not.

The Little India Restaurant
1109 W. Bryn Mawr