Saucisson Sec – Cook au Vin

July 20 2008 - 1:41 PM

Wow. Now I’ve raved about the lovely landjager sausages from Bobby Nelson and they sure have that handheld bite-ablilty but after several Spotted Cows while watching the Cubs game I remembered I had a nice small saucisson sec from Cook au Vin on Elston.  It’s not what I expected. It’s definitely a sawing process  – that’s one hard salami… but it might be one of the best things I have ever tasted.

I was sitting in traffic structure gonflable on Elston as I was passing Cook au Vin and was
delayed long enough to decide to pull over for a quick baguette. I had
a nice surprise. Their country paté was a simple terrific spread on a
perfect baguette… the bread was discernibly wonderful even while
focusing on the paté. Their pastry looked good and the chocolate flake
pastry sure enough tasted very good. They offer cooking classes, catering, retail and simple sandwiches, bakery. But man that sausage was tasty.

The sandwich that was gone before I knew it was simply sliced saucisson,
cornichons, and butter… wow it was tasty.  What I’m indulging in now
is the saucisson sec… I know nothing other that it’s delicious and I
want more. This willful ignorance is acceptable, especially since Cook
au Vin offers cooking classes. Check their site: Cook au

It’s also okay because I’m too busy with beer cheese sausage and baseball to google anything right now. Looks like I’ll have to delay that cholesterol test again.

Cook au Vin
2256 N. Elston