Big Jones

July 02 2008 - 3:31 PM

Big Jones on Clark St. in Andersonville has only been open for a couple of months but it has been getting write-ups and rave reviews everywhere you look.  My interest was definitely piqued so we decided to skip the crowded dinner rush and check out brunch instead.

For a Saturday afternoon at 1PM the restaurant was not over-crowded and we were seated immediately.  This scored big points with me as one of my pet peeves of the weekend brunch is the hour-long wait.  The restaurant has a very pleasant, relaxing décor reminiscent of New Orleans but not overbearing.  The waiter brought us menus and right away we noticed the ample variety of southern style egg bouncy castle for sale dishes with savory meats and gravies.  Hot beignets were brought to the table right after ordering and satisfied my sweet tooth, especially with coffee.

Not being a breakfast person, I ordered the tasso ham and pimiento
cheese sandwich, which was served on a thick cut of Sally Lunn bread,
their house-made egg bread.  The pimiento cheese had a kick to it and
the tasso ham was grilled and cut thick.  The sandwich was sitting on a
bed of French fries and fried okra with a house-made ranch style

My dining partner ordered the sweet potato biscuits
smothered with spicy gravy and hash and topped with Andouille sausage.
Big Jones uses organic and farm-raised meats from Niman Ranch pork to
Tall Grass beef.  Everything was delicious and I’m sure extremely bad
for you.  Our server brought over a bowl of fruit, which was a welcomed
addition to our high-fat, high-cholesterol meal.  We had a really good
first impression and great first meal.  Once we work off the 5 pounds
we gained from breakfast we will certainly be back for dinner to try
one of their fabulous sounding desserts.

Big Jones
5347 N. Clark