The Seattle Sutton Experiment

June 04 2008 - 7:45 AM

Having a desk job by day and being an avid foodie by night really packs on the pounds.  I’ve tried Weight Watchers in the past and it works – eat less, exercise more.  The only problem is that you have to write everything down.  I tend to start eating the same thing every day just to avoid looking up points. 

I remembered a co-worker trying Seattle Sutton.  She brought in
something different every day, pre-made and ready to go.  No cooking,
no cleaning, no counting, basically no work at all.  This sounded ideal
to me so I finally made the call to give it a try and after 3 weeks I
have mixed reviews and I haven’t lost a pound.  The pros are
convenience and variety.  I never had to think about or write down what
I was eating and I ate something different every day for every meal.
It was even cost effective at about $110 per week. I was not spending
extra dollars on lattes, lunches with co-workers or extravagant dinners

The cons are that the meals range from good to very, very bad. The
good included options like gnocchi in a light Parmesan cream sauce with
asparagus or tilapia with mango chutney and rice pilaf.  The bad
included Asian stir-fry with bland, watery, chalky rice or a dry
rib-meat patty with an even drier baked potato half.  Tuna and salmon
salads tasted cat food-like and loaves of pressed meats appeared too
many times. 

Another con is that you can’t substitute anything even if you have a
food allergy.  I can’t eat bell peppers for example so there were at
least a dozen meals I had to pick through.  The final con is hunger.
At 1200 calories per day I should have been satisfied but was extremely
hungry, especially at night when it is the easiest time to cheat.  I
guess I cheated more times than I remember because by the end of 3
starving weeks I had lost no weight and did little socializing with
friends.  At the end of the experiment the verdict is back to Weight
Watchers – eat less “good” food and exercise more.