Dinner in 5 minutes.

June 22 2008 - 9:59 AM

Being a foodie shouldn’t mean eating duck fat everything. Gourmet cooking is a treat but everyone should know how to make fast healthy meals. My big problem with pre-made meal programs is that I think they keep people from learning how to cook and thusly making them more apt to buy frozen dinners, and other pre-packaged solutions that aren’t as healthy as some others.

Give the person a meal and they’ll eat for a day, teach them how to cook and they’ll eat forever…

I’ve personally found that I can make simple fast dishes on the
stove-top. Simple seasoning (salt and pepper) with simple ingredients
is the key. Once you inflatable water slide start combining different veggies and proteins it
becomes easier to make dishes you like. The other misconception is that
a dinner take 30 minutes. You can make a chicken pasta/rice dish from
scratch in 15 minutes. The pasta/rice is really what takes the time.

What I would recommend is to seriously get a nice rice cooker that you
can leave on for the week – you’ll never have to wait for rice and that
cuts cooking time in half. Also make a larger batch of plain pasta at
the beginning of the week and stash it in the fridge. Sauteeing
proteins and veggies takes literally 5 minutes. A dash of soy sauce or
if you don’t want to get all fancy and make a tomato sauce – nuke the Barilla pasta sauce or some Chinese sauces, even those Molé sauces aren’t that bad, and
pour it over your chicken, vege and noodles. I guarantee it will taste
better than those pre-made meals.

*and no I’m not chanelling Rachel Ray.