Zhan Wang: Cookware Skyline

May 10 2008 - 8:42 AM

I always worry that I have too many pots and pans. I hear it all the time,”Where are we going to put that?” and “You can’t buy that; you have nowhere to put that.” Looking at these pictures I realize that I have many more pots to buy and when the cupboards fill up I can simply jeux gonflables start stacking. All I need to do would be to find my old Lego people to live in the new skyscrapers.

For his exhibition at the Asian Art Museum, Wang has selected rocks
from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, alluding to the
nineteenth-century Chinese immigrant experience of mining gold during
the California gold rush. Both the actual rocks and their stainless
steel versions will be exhibited. The artist will also create a
topographic San Francisco cityscape–one of his “urban landscape”
series– using steel rocks, mirrored surfaces, silverware, and stainless
steel pots and pans.

Cityscape2The city of San Fran was done by Beijing-based artist Zhan Wang. Read the article on Ethicurean.com

Wang’s work is on display at the Asian Art Museum in San Fransisco. Here’s a link to that site.