Wine Enthusiast Toast of the Town Event

May 02 2008 - 7:42 AM

The Wine Enthusiast event held Thursday night at the Field Museum appeared to be well attended, completely filling the main floor of the museum.  Wine was definitely in the spotlight with over 60 wineries represented.  So many that for someone who does not know much about wine it was very overwhelming – so I turned my attention to the food.  A lot of great restaurants were represented with some good and some bad results. 

My biggest pet peeve is when restaurants agree to do these events,
an opportunity to showcase a dish that gets people with obviously
expendable income interested in your restaurant, and then obviously
blow it off.  A good example would be Adobo Grill, which is a
restaurant I surprisingly enjoyed not too many months ago, who came to
the event serving chips and guacamole – a complete let down. 

Other restaurants rose to the occasion such as Blue Water Grill,
serving a mouthwatering chocolate Carmel mouse with smoked black sea
salt.  The sweet and salty mix was heavenly and definitely made we want
to give the restaurant another try soon.

One beverage that really stood out to me wasn’t a wine at all but a liqueur called St-Germain.  It was served with Champagne on ice and was delicious.  St-Germain gets its flavor from elderflowers and has a fresh, sweet flavor.  It was also recommend with gin and tonic, which I’m looking forward to.  You can pick up a bottle at Binny’s or the liqueur is served in some of the fabulous drinks at the Violet Hour, which is definitely not to be missed.