Freebasing Chocolate

May 12 2008 - 6:54 AM

Slate magazine has an article up on how food is addictive titled, "Is Food Addictive?"
It’s an interesting piece especially since it’s not presented as a question. Apparently food is addictive. Considering what would happen if we simply gave food up…

In the Telegraph of London, Dagher links tobacco, cocaine, and chocolate:

Interestingly, the brain response to smoking pictures (in smokers)
is very similar to the brain response to food pictures. In a previous
study from our research unit, the brain response to eating chocolate
was similar to the response to cocaine (in cocaine addicts). Finally,
the evidence that high calorie foods are, in a way, addictive
(something soft drink and fast food merchants have known for years)
provides a justification for public policy.

another thing to consider is that most smokers consume pack(s) daily of
the same brand. While most, let’s call them chocolaters, eat chocolate
truffles, baked Alaska, even the aptly named Death By Chocolate…
maybe as kids the entree into this world is the chocolate chip cookie.
That must be the gateway dessert.