West Egg

April 11 2008 - 8:21 AM

I had discovered West Egg over St. Patrick’s Day when downtown revealed too many bars and not enough restaurants.  It was packed with patrons spilling over in the “waiting room” at the adjacent building. We were seated quite efficiently and proceeded to eagerly pore over the menu.

I settled for my dependable Country Fried Steak and Eggs (sunny
side-up), and a side order of their homemade bran muffin. I have to
admit that my bouncy castle knowledge of Country Fried Steaks have been limited to
the likes of Denny’s and Marie Callendar’s. The “famous country gravy”
was thick and laden with intense flavors. Just what I needed with my
chunk of fried meat. Pair that with the yolky goodness of the eggs and
the hash browns, I left satisfied and appreciating life.

For those who would like to avoid a heart attack, West Egg’s menu
also has a health-conscious option, toasting “To Your Health”. Judging
by the homemade bran muffin, which was just the right consistency of
toasty softness, I have complete faith that their healthy menu would be
just as decent.

I will make sure to get on that once I complete all my omelet and skillet orders the next time around!

620 N Fairbanks Ct
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 280-8366