Veggie Bite: Fast Food Vegan

April 09 2008 - 6:23 PM

Sometimes restaurants take a while to open. Blame it on the city, blame it on folks when reserves run dry. Hell, I don’t know who to blame it on, but I do know a sign in the window promising food doesn’t equal a restaurant open for you and me. It’s been slow moving for fast food at Veggie Bite, the neon affair on the corner of Milwaukee and Paulina. Lots of signs, no food. This week you can go bite the veggie, they’re finally open.

The concept: fast food for vegans. Chili dogs, Philly cheese steak, gyros, cheese burgers, buffalo wings–you name it, they’ve substituted it.

My fajita wrap was Chipotle in size. A thick layer of marinated tofu lined a tortilla and encased a sprinkle of tomato, lettuce and cucumber.  Dripping in tangy castillo hinchable mustardy sauce, I had to forgo wrap-eating protocol
and opt for a flimsy set of plastic wear. I sawed at my rubbery beef
replacement until I was half-way through and stuffed. Not a fan of the
consistency, but the taste wasn’t half bad… for tofu.

Skip the fried chix-free
nuggets alone or plopped in the veggie salad. There’s nothing fresh
about them. If you’re still pondering the perks of being vegan, try a
milkshake. Pineapple, chocolate chip cookie dough, mango, mint
chocolate chip add appeal to a strong lineup of soy ice cream shakes.
Naturally, they’re organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and…natural. It’s how I like my cookie dough too.Veggie Bite
1300 Milwaukee Ave.