The Dunkin Donuts Coupon Experience

April 15 2008 - 10:30 AM

I confess that I eat at the Drive-Thru. I’ve actually seen studies that show something like  90% of the people out there eat in their cars. Now I can hope that it’s granola and bananas and thermoses of soup but somehow I know that it boils down to the drive-thru and if you talk to these people I would suspect that the holy grail of drive-thru is breakfast. McDonald’s has been playing with the all-day breakfast option. Lunch-Time Breakfast Burrito! We’ll be getting fatter as a nation.

So I try to eat a Kashi bar and coffee, water and mixed nuts, dried
fruit… you know – camping food. But every now and then something
happens. This time there was a coupon for a free coffee on my front
door from Dunkin Donuts.

Now the other half of the drive-thru deal is coffee. I do tend to drag
my ass out of the bouncy castle for sale car for a Starbuck’s but I even find myself getting a
kids meal at McD’s with a small black coffee. Why not. I’m sure we can
correlate road rage and AM radio outrage to caffeine consumption. In
any case I like Dunkin Donuts coffee so I figured “with purchase” means
an egg and cheese muffin and a 16oz of coffee for $1.40 (including
tax). I can do that.

This is a good deal. The food is ample but the bottom line is that
McDonald’s has the best drive thru b-fast around. Simply because the
egg tastes like an egg, not powdered and scrambled like DD and the
muffin is crispy and tastes like muffin… unlike the hamburger bun
Wendy’s gives you. McDonald’s doesn’t seem steamed or microwaved. They
are a machine and deserve some credit for it. I prefer Wendy’s lunch
and DD for sweets but they own breakfast. I don’t remember Burger
King’s offerings. Come to think of it I pass more Hardee’s than Burger

But the take away (pun intended) is the coupon at the bottom of my $1.40 breakfast bag offering hash browns free with purchase next time. So I’ll go back
because I’m just another soulless consumer walking the American
landscape looking for a good coupon.