Kashi GoLean Crunch

April 28 2008 - 9:24 AM

Between Ethiopian food, Indian food and raw fish I’ve been accused of eating everything. So it wouldn’t stand to wonder why I like Kashi cereal. Considering all the fat, cholesterol and calories in some of these write-ups it might be the change of pace, it might be the change of flavor or it might be me rationalizing the health aspect of this cereal. Never-the-less I do enjoy the fiber twig.

The Kashi empire has ballooned. They seem to dominate the non-sugared
$5 boxes of cereal. The line consists of GoLean, GoLean Crunch, flakes,
granola, a cereal called “good friends” etc. Hot cereal, cereal bars,
frozen meals, waffles… They castillo hinchable have taken the model of high protein/high
fiber and succeeded in communicating it. The simple circles denoting
the amount of protein, fiber, and fat make sense and work on the
package in the cereal aisle or in the freezer section. The irony is
that one of the Kashi ingredients is fiber twigs.

In any case the GoLean Crunch has more crunch than the original GoLean
– big surprise. I do like a bit more sweetness and the cinnamon flavor.
Unless you add some fruit, Kashi is pretty bland. The cereal bars are
also good… the best place to buy the cereal is at Trader Joe’s where
it’s always $2.60-2.90 usually less than the grocery store even with a