Gastrique is SO Fancy

April 22 2008 - 7:06 PM

It’s one of those things that are snotty to no end. It’s a basic sugar sauce made with reduced vinegar and pick your sweet-poison. This time I used apple cider vinegar and peach preserves, some pepper and had me some awesome duck breast and flame broiled pineapple. Starting with a quick shallot saute would add lots of savory depth to this. A dribble of tondo, reduced balsamic cream, went nicely (I think I’ll be putting that on my lactose free Breyer’s tonight).

The gist is you can use any combo of vinegars inflatable water slide and jellies. You can even reduce down fresh fruit if you’re ambitious.  I tried a peach and modena balsamic but it was too much. If you don’t reduce it for a bit it is very pungent. Experiment with the proportions. I use a bit less that 1/3rd parts vinegar. It’s to taste for me. You can even use it as a glaze for a quick finish to an ordinary piece of chicken.

Bottom line, the good or bad thing is that you can call it a gastrique… or just call it a sauce.