Dismembering Duck

April 17 2008 - 12:35 AM

This is about the third time I’ve taken apart a duck and this time it was three ducks.  I have to say that any time I’m do something like this I have my copy of the New Professional Chef out (fifth edition) on the counter as I work.

Frozen ducks are real goldmines. The gold being the rendered fat. Considering I’m preparing for Passover this weekend it will go to good use. I’m using the fat primarily to confit the legs bouncy castle and wings. The breasts are to be part of a small course about 1/3rd of breast served on top of a date and cashew pate with a candied fruit and nut topping… haven’t figured it out yet.


The process is pretty simple. You slice across the bottom and remove
the legs then slice down the breast bone and remove. The slicing
reveals a meat-red flesh that separates easily enough when you
carefully drag a blade across the bone. Dropping as much excess skin
and fat as you can into a pot is how you get the marvelous rendered
fat. Don’t trim away too much skin from the breasts as it shrinks and
you want to try to keep as much of the meat covered as you can when you
cook it.

I’m following confit suggestions “From the Back Kitchen”.
I’m a big 5-spice fan with duck but am going to try something somewhat
different. I went as far as resting the dark meat with salt and orange
zest. It’s where I’m up to thus far.

Now I’m catching up with the Red Wings. Hockey playoffs are keeping me
up too late. God bless Tivo. The duck adventure took about an hour and
a half including cleanup.