Maytag = Sexy?

March 13 2008 - 8:09 AM

Wow. That’s the sexiest Maytag I ever seen. Obviously it’s a  concept range, right? Maybe slated for release in 2010? Actually you can get it right now! If you live in Europe.

Maytag here looks like this:00000102787maytag30inchdoubleovenga

Big Difference.

It obviously costs more too but why don’t they sell these here?Featurelgecookspacious
They aren’t cheap coming in around $2 thousand pounds – that’s roughly $4 thousand bucks.

I did try to figure out why the American products are so different (polite way to put it) but corporate Maytag had nothing to say and knew of nobody who could answer the simple question:

Why are the Maytag products from Europe "different" from the ones in the U.S.?