Kitchen Sessions: Trotter's Braised Short Ribs pt.1

March 18 2008 - 3:16 PM

This was an interesting recipe to follow, from Kitchen Sessions by Charlie Trotter. I don’t think it was too obscure and not very hard either. At least not like Keller’s short ribs from the French Laundry cookbook which is next on the list, as soon as I get a line on some good marrow bones (I have a good line but it sounds like a good excuse, no?).

The browning of leek, garlic, jalapeño, granny smith, and yellow onion created a wonderful aroma. Dumping  in a bottle of Zin, thyme, sage and coriander seeds certainly added something. Plunking the ribs into the marinade, I did a very hard thing, I tossed it into the fridge for the night.

It came out a wonderfully opaque purple. I briefly removed the ribs for
a browning on the stove bouncy castle for sale and back into the dutch oven. Then into the
oven it went for 4 hours. The house smelled good.

The test was how it would stand up to an ad hoc braising the night
before. I found some boneless short ribs (not nearly as good as cross
cut bone in) and wrapped them in foil with a couple of sliced yukon
golds, dried plums, cloves, cayanne and pinot. Before you say anything
note that it was a yellow tail pinot and that generally (in this case
at least) was an unacceptably full, read sweet-fruity pinot. I could
have added more sweet but oh well. The meat was stringier than I’d
generally expect but that may be the cut or the limited fat on the

The Trotter’s recipe involves a bit more work; the mustard greens, root veggies and spatzle (spaetzle) part mean more work tonight or tomorrow night. Boy am I looking forward to eating this
dish… 3 days is way too long.