Ginza for Udon

March 25 2008 - 11:02 AM

Ginza is around the corner from my office and I’ve mentioned it here before (and here) and I know udon is kind of pedestrian but recovering from an illness sucks, especially the first day back to the office. What better way to temper the unbearable congestedness of being than with a steaming bowl of soup. Especially when you get the red pepper powder container to liven up the proposition. I went with the tempura udon. It’s a nice bowl where they toss in tempura shrimp, potato and eggplant, right into the soup. It does get soggy but I’ve gotten used to it. I do ask for a side plate and take them out ASAP. That breading comes off completely otherwise. It hit inflatable water slide the spot and I did start to hanker for some salmon, so I left before I could rack up that bill.

The additional fact that you automatically get a cup of green tea in lieu of water is another reason for the infirm to enjoy.