Restaurant Week: Primehouse

February 26 2008 - 8:58 PM

Looking around for reservations resulted in menus that seemed good to great. For some reason I went into Primehouse expecting one steak option and, I dunno, some fish and pasta options. The menu was fantastic. A choice between a bone-in filet and a Delmonico ribeye or Shrimp… sweet! The appetizer choices of a cold seafood plate– two shrimp and two oysters was terrific and the lobster bisque with a large lobster tempura crisp was consumed so quickly I didn’t get a chance to even ask for a taste.

The Delmonico seemed to be of boneless rib eye and it was marbled and tasty. I don’t gush over steak, at least in 3 years I haven’t,
but I’m making an exception inflatable park here. Primehouse did live up to
expectations. The taste comparison between the two steaks was clear and
wonderful. The fillet was lovely and tender. The layer or two of fat on
the bone was delectable. But the Delmonico stole it. Every bite was
delicious. Every bite had a bit of fat and was perfectly cooked. The
wine was $44 for a bottle of Malbec that retails at Sam’s for $14
but absolutely no complaints. The sommelier was friendly and smart and
our waiter was cordial and professional. I barely remember the
truffle-potato side thing. But, I mean come on… steak baby!

I want to go back tomorrow.
Make a reservation for this  restaurant-week $31 3-course deal.

616 Rush Street