Baumann’s Bakery – Paczki Day

February 05 2008 - 1:58 PM

Walking into work today I had a horrifying encounter – at least two dozen donuts stuffed with creams and jellies and glistening with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla icing. I then learned that there was a special reason that these donuts appeared today to completely destroy my diet. These were not actually donuts. They were Paczki – Polish donuts eaten on Fat Tuesday.


traditional reason for making Paczki was to eat up all of those things
that you would give scivolo gonfiabile up for lent – butter, sugar, lard etc. The Paczki I was faced with today were ordered from Baumann’s Bakery on Harlem Avenue in Palos Heights. They come in a big red box that says “Paczki” on the side. In
the name of research I had to try a few different kinds – vanilla cream
with chocolate icing, raspberry jelly with sugar, strawberry jelly with
pink icing and lemon curd with a bright lemon icing.


coworker informed me that I had missed the best one – chocolate cream
with chocolate icing – because she had eaten it early in the morning. Call them donuts or call them Paczki – I call them great and I’m certainly glad they only come around once per year. We’ll have to see how long the box will last.


Baumann’s Bakery

12250 S. Harlem Avenue

Palos Heights